Winter caught up with us, so we've armed ourselves with the finest products so you can stay trendy regardless of the season.

It's cold, but we are always thinking about city breaks, to which we cannot give up under any circumstances. Army trousers have already become one of the most-wanted items, so we decided to create a useful and cool product at the same time. Do not worry about outside weather because the army trousers will protect you from both rain and wind, being made of waterproof material.

What's the best part of it?

It features a very comfortable and warm pink lining. Moreover, because we know how extravagant the fashionistas of today are, we made it even better, cataloguing it in the cargo pants section. Three times cool, isn’t it? The collection's inspiration starts from the peace painting of an era in another universe where the army texture is used to highlight peace among people.

What's left to do?

Choose your favourite destination and do not forget to buy your trousers in advance, which are a must-have whether you’ll spend the day on the slopes or on the cold streets through the crowd of Christmas markets!

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