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DIVALO Transylvania

This concept has been hidden in us for many years, but in the end, we got brave and was born in 2015, receiving a small sewing machine as a gift. Without experience in the field, we started to create simple clothing in our spare time, in our small workshop (a room in our own home), after which we concentrated all our energy on one product: the oversized shirt. With experience in textile printing, we started developing this product and printing it with various messages. The success came almost instantly, receiving positive feedback from our customers. Being a versatile product, the oversized t-shirt has been lovingly worn by the stars of Romania, considering it a simple product but also a complete outfit. Made from 100% cotton material it was considered the perfect summer outfit.

We enjoyed all the success created by this outfit and decided to go beyond our limits, and in 2017 we left behind all our time and chose to dedicate ourselves entirely to this project, moving our workshop into a space. larger where we could make room for more sewing machines.

Having the opportunity to apply for a European funding program, we expanded our workshop, investing in new, modern machinery that helped us reach our long-term goal: to create collections with unique details of high quality fabrics. This was the moment when we really stepped into the world of fashion, where we had to adapt to trends and make other clothes, focusing on streetstyle.

Over time we have created collections with our personal signature, being always limited by the purchase of fabrics, so we decided to change our style and move it to a more casual area, where we can express exactly what we feel.


We are proud to use this motto because we are part of a historical region where we were raised with the craftsmanship, the spirit of manually creating quality things, and we want this spirit to never be extinguished from our vision, no matter where we go. lead the future.

Our desire is to promote quality clothing, made from natural fabrics that embrace your body, giving you a state of trust and fulfillment.